Live Stream Production Assistant needed to supplement volunteer efforts 

Over a period of years, St. John’s has entered the “live stream” universe by making our 8 a.m. service available via several online platforms each Sunday morning. Volunteers have been instrumental in making sure everything works as designed, and those receiving the live stream feed receive more than just a video with some automatically generated close captions to assist. Limited volunteers and the need to “up our technology game” mean that a paid assistant is needed. 

We have chosen to broadcast our 8 a.m. service each Sunday morning via Livestream. The equipment is already located in the sanctuary and worship slides are produced for use by worshippers in the sanctuary, making Livestream a bit easier to manage.  The sermon is usually posted on our Facebook page by 6 p.m. that same day. If you find a sermon particularly helpful or impactful, consider checking in and sharing the video with a friend or family member.

Our ideal candidate for the position of Livestream Production Assistant will be on-site each Sunday morning (at least 42 each year) and be able to work independently after some initial training. While some background in the software and hardware we use to make our live stream feed possible, being committed to delivering the highest-quality video feed using our current configuration is even more critical. The assistant would be paid for two hours of work each week, arriving on Sunday morning no later than 7:30 a.m. and working through the service until all the tasks are completed (no later than 9:30 a.m.). The assistant will be paid between $15-$25 per hour ($30-$50 per service), commensurate with experience and ability.

We are hopeful that the assistant will SUPPLEMENT the efforts of our current volunteers (rather than replacing them), so additional volunteers are still necessary. The best livestream video requires two persons, one at the computer and the other working the cameras. (Right now we’re kind of “low-tech” with our cameras, an operator is needed to re-orient the camera or zoom in on the pastor or other assisting minister.)  Since the live stream uses a feed from our presentation software, the assistant or other volunteer must also be at the computer monitor advancing the slides for worshippers.

Be sure to download the Job Description and make an application yourself or share it with a friend or family member.