It had been many years, but when news began to spread about an infant from St. John’s at Riley Hospital for Children, Pastor Albers remembered a Prayer Vigil offered for a church member by a congregation he then served. 

When Thanksgiving came and went and the news from Indy was not great, he decided to host a six-hour prayer vigil for this infant and his family in our chapel on the afternoon of November 29.

Over the past months the WOW Study group has been increasing its prayer ministry and others from St. John’s have been building an email prayer chain – so Pastor asked for help to host the vigil. Beginning at noon on November 29, individuals from St. John’s gathered to pray for the infant child. 

There was a more “structured” time for prayer at the beginning of each half-hour. Each time a different detail was the subject of prayer: hospitals, doctors, caregivers, parents and family, patience in times of trial, and others. Then, at 6 pm, members of the WOW group and others from St. John’s were joined by many members of the infant’s family for a closing prayer service.

While at some points along the way, there were only one or two others who joined him in prayer, Pastor Albers was thrilled that so many made it a point to stop by and join the vigil, if only for a few minutes. Several SJLS teachers brought their class to join in prayer.

At the time of this posting, the infant child has shown incredible progress towards recovery. And those engaged in the vigil were thankful for the opportunity. Mom was absolutely thrilled, indicating that she mostly picked up where we had left off, spending a good part of that night in prayer.