Another Successful Trunk or Treat is “in the record books!”

For many years St. John’s has hosted a Trunk or Treat in our church parking lot, always on the last Friday of October. It’s seen considerable change and growth in the past several years, and we plan on even more in the future.

One of our “trunkers” decided to distribute a toy rubber duck in place of candy, and since nearly every child received just one, we can say for certain that more than 350 “treaters” enjoyed the event.  And when you had parents, “trunkers,” and other volunteers, nearly 450 persons were a part of the event.


Volunteers were key for the event: planners, food volunteers, candy “suppliers”, setup and tear down crew members all played a critical part in making the event even more successful than in the past.  A couple of observations:

  • The “Family and Friends” hour beginning at 5pm with the “public” event publicized as starting at 6pm was a great way to “stagger” treaters. Last year we were overwhelmed quickly at the 5pm start time.
  • While the parking lot was nearly filled with trunkers, there was room for others, so plan to set up and decorate a trunk next year.
  • Candy donations were incredibly helpful, ensuring that those who could not make a large investment in candy could still be a part of the event.
  • Food and drink were relatively simple and helpful. Volunteers cooked the hot dogs that other donors provided and bottles of water was a great choice.
  • Traffic control “specialists” are getting more and more “specialized” in their efforts resulting in a much safer effort each year.


While only seeing modest success, the first food ingathering will supply some canned food and other non-perishable food items for the Pax Center in downtown La Porte.  If you would like to add to the “haul,” just drop off your food items in the hallway in front of the church office before Wednesday, November 8.