Congregational leaders have been undertaking lots of upgrades to our technology infrastructure over the past year. More technology upgrades will help us communicate and improve instruction for our students!

Digital Signage

By the time you read this, you may already have noticed two new digital signs at our church and school. These news signs will provide more up-to-date information for worshippers, students, and visitors. Because the information can be updated online and tied to the same slides we use for our worship services, the info should always be current. The sign at the school entrance can do double duty updating students and visitors daily, while also serving as a means to welcome worshippers to the Connect services on Sunday mornings.

More digital signs will be installed at other entrances. The only requirements are an electrical outlet and access to the internet. Take a look the next time you are on campus! 

Security and Internet Infrastructure

After months of waiting while moving existing wiring out of the way, a new raceway is being installed in the school hallway. This new raceway will not only help organize low-voltage cable, it will provide easy access when one of several systems requires some expansion or work. These include our computer network (including printers and WIFI access points), our new VOIP phone system, our new keyless entry system and fire alarm system.

Additionally, TechCentric Solutions has been retained as the vendor to install the new keyless entry system. The first step is the exterior doors, many of which will be outfitted with a keycard or pin pad for easy access. Each exterior door will get a sensor that will help monitor these points of entry, making sure they stay secure … especially during the school day.

VOIP Phone System

Over the last year or so, many have struggled to leave a voicemail that is actually received by the intended recipient. A new voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) phone system should be ready to install early in the spring, as soon as the new network wiring is completed. 

New Access Points

While many upgrades over the past year have tremendously improved our school’s internet capacity, several new access points should be installed in the coming six weeks making the conversion from the old (and limited) system to a new network. Several additional access points installed in the church building should make the migration to a single, campus-wide network complete!