Each of the regular and ongoing studies at St. John’s underwent a bit of “reorganization” for the season of Lent.

Wednesday Women of the Word (WOW)

The WOW group has really taken hold of the new charge from Pastor Albers to lead our congregation’s prayer ministry. Each week in the season of Lent the group has organized PRAYER CARDS for a different target group. The group participants gathered a bit early on Wednesday evening to get cards ready and signed. Then the entire congregation, including guests in worship, are invited to also sign the cards before they are sent out on Thursday.

Public servants have been our target this Lent, beginning with the La Porte Fire and Police departments the first two weeks, the last weeks our focus will be our elected officials; first the City of La Porte, then the County of La Porte, then those from our community elected to represent us in the State House of Representatives, State Senate, and even representatives and senators from our area at the federal level.

A new study will begin right away after Easter!

Saturday Morning Men’s Study

Roland Lovstad decided to follow up a book study on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (or is that Prodigal God?).  The group which means on the 2nd Saturday of each month will be studying a series of Jesus’ parables over the coming months.
Give the church office a call (219-362-3726) or send an email ( to get on the email list for this group.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Pastor Albers continues a study, Praying With the Psalms, that is a companion to the Wednesday Evening Prayer services during Lent.  The study series will finish in the next couple of weeks with Psalm 84 and Psalm 42.

The study will be on a “hiatus” for several weeks to allow a bit more time for Holy Week services. The hiatus will extend for at least one more to make room for Sunday Brunch on Sunday, April 7.
A new study will begin on Sunday, April 14.  What do you want to study?