More than a few folks from St. John’s were confused when on Christmas Eve a local news station reported that “St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church” had canceled services!  Turns out that it was another St. John’s located in SW Michigan.

Usually, we will NOT cancel services, save a declared emergency by state or local officials. Pastor Albers travels city streets and state highways, most of which are kept very clear (as compared to some less-traveled county roads). He has also received numerous invitations to “camp out” on a Saturday evening so as to avoid several trips down Highway 2 in the middle of a snow storm. HOWEVER, please make personal decisions that keep you safe and warm. We usually live stream our 8am services, so many can join us online if it is too treacherous to venture out.

We do make use of the local service provided by WNDU, which you can check here.  However, there are at least eight (8) Lutheran Churches that use the name “St. John” and are listed on this service. Be sure to look for: “St Johns Lutheran Church-LP” or “St Johns Lutheran School La Porte.”