Reaching Out To Former Eagles

Pastor Albers needs your help to reach out to Eagles who long ago left the nest. Some still actively participate in the life and ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church while others have moved across the nation, still others live in the area but aren’t active. 

We are working to develop the Sunday that kicks off National Lutheran Schools Week (the third Sunday in January each year) as a bit of a “homecoming” Sunday for these former students.  We’re getting started with the 8th grade graduating classes for 2014 (10 years ago), 1999 (25 years ago) and 1974 (50 years ago). We hope to build a much stronger data base of former students in the coming months and years, connecting with folks who may want to be connected to our ministry again.

What we need is one (or more) volunteer to help organize names of graduates and begin also building contact information, along with married names and spouses. We have old yearbooks, attendance books, and other memorabilia that should help us build our alumni database.  Now all we need are a few folks to help us out along the way!

Contact Jennifer or Pastor in the church office and help us get to work reaching out to those who have, in the past, made St. John’s their home (turns out many still do)!