Nearly 250 members, students, parents, teachers, and friends participated!

The fourth Sunday in August is quickly becoming one of St. John’s “signature” events, pulling together individuals from across our ministry, both church and school. It also helps newcomers get a glimpse of what it means to be a part of the St. John’s “family.”

Last year we noticed that several events overlapped, making it difficult to include everyone, which is when the idea of a family reunion began to take shape. The church has often held a worship service outside and combined it with a picnic. Each year we wanted to include teachers and staff in worship for a “re-dedication.” Classroom open houses were scheduled separately, a couple of weeks into the new year. Our “reunion” combines each of these … and other opportunities … together into a single event.

This year featured an outdoor worship event, under the grove of trees behind the sanctuary, providing some shade for worshippers while a tent provided a backdrop for worship. After some introductions by Principal Berndt, and while teachers moved into the school building and down the hall to their classrooms, everyone had an opportunity to take a look at the classrooms. The American Red Cross set up a blood drive in the cafeteria. We had only a few appointments made prior to that day, but numerous walk-ins.  Church volunteers cooked up hotdogs (Josh, Kami, Mark, and Lesa) while freshly roasted corn (thanks to Sue, Pastor, Debra, Zach, and Jennie) was ready for a great picnic back under the trees.

Put Sunday, August 25, on your calendar for our 3rd Annual St. John’s Family Reunion.  Want to help plan a part of the event or have an idea of something to add, be sure to speak with Pastor Albers or Principal Berndt so they can sign you up to help!