The School Board has been meeting to update and revise the St. John’s Lutheran School Board Strategic Plan.

The school board is setting goals, objectives, and outcomes for the improvement and progression of the school.

Pastor Albers and Linda Satkoski have been leading the group through an effort to set some rather lofty goals including most especially in how we will become known more broadly in the community. The current draft of our goals identify six areas of work:

  • EXCELLENCE: Be well known as the premier educational choice for students in La Porte and surrounding communities.
  • IDENTITY: Strengthen our identity as a Lutheran Christian school with a unique capacity to serve a diverse community.
  • ORGANIZATION: Create a highly-effective organization that is continually increasing its capacity to serve.
  • FUNDING: Secure the financial resources required to support our school ministry into the future.
  • FACILITIES: Provide the infrastructure necessary to achieve excellent outcomes.
  • SAFETY: Create an environment where all children can learn without fear or limitation.

In the coming month, the board will work to identify some more specific outcomes and objectives which will guide the work of leaders, administration, faculty and staff in the coming triennium.