Watch for Scheduled Workdays

In the coming months, the Board of Trustees and Pastor Albers will be putting out the call to help with various projects around the church and school.  And, as the old saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”


The spring months often reveal plenty of projects that need attention: landscaping, cleaning up, and miscellaneous smaller projects. A few trustees already got to work filling in ruts left by the lift necessary to install the rooftop HVAC units. Our 6th graders kept up the work and sowed some grass seed. But everyone seems to agree that more work is necessary!  

Scheduling something that fits for everyone is difficult. We’ll likely pick the least objectionable date that many folks can fit into their schedule. If you see a project that needs attention send the church office an email or drop by with your suggestion.


While a local company takes care of keeping the lawn mowed and everything trimmed, some projects need attention at our cemetery at the intersection of A and 8th streets. In advance of a more organized day, one of the trustees is working to pull some older bushes that need to be removed. Filling in low spots and repairing some damage around the old pump housing are both on the docket this summer.


Equipment should be delivered in early July, so watch for a more intentional day to come help prepare the area, assemble the equipment, and install the picket fence. If at all possible, work needs to be completed before the first day of school, August 14, 2024.