Our new Vertical Platform Lift is fully functional!  More upgrades are on tap for May.

Several of our regular worshippers are already making themselves “comfortable” with the ability to move into our sanctuary with relative ease. Combined with the new restroom on the main floor, worshippers no longer need to be concerned that they may be trapped by their limited abilities. Please spread the word to your family and friends, especially as we get ready for worship on Easter weekend.

Driveway and Expanded Parking Area

Next is eliminating the final step up into the doorway at the portico and providing for better parking for those with limited mobility. We have a quote from Asphalt Maintenance and Construction out of Elkhart to grind down the current driveway then resurface and expand the driveway to include four or five additional “handicap” parking spaces to the north side of the driveway.

As with the rest of the Project Welcome effort, a “value-added” project completed by congregational volunteers will be to improve drainage and eliminate water seepage. For decades water sits on top of the driveway and then finds its way through cracks in the foundation and into the men’s restroom, counting room, and Sunday School rooms. Workers have already removed the bushes and work to replace the window wells (while adding some foundation waterproofing and more stone) will get underway in the weeks after Easter.

Your Financial Support is more important than ever!

Your financial support of this project has been CRITICAL. The total budget for these projects was $55,000, and through the end of March, a total of $47,742 has been donated for this purpose leaving a balance of just over $7,000. While we have sufficient funds on hand to complete the driveway project, we must “pay” for these projects (through additional gifts) before beginning other projects.

Project Welcome 2.0

Speaking of “other projects,” several leaders continue to make plans for additional upgrades at the church building, including the transformation of our chapel. Our current plan is to remove the pews and replace them with stackable church chairs, replace the flooring with high-quality, maintenance-free porcelain tile, and create a space that will support ministry now and into the future. The space will be more easily used for worship, bible study, meetings and fellowship.

The trustees have reviewed the plans and Pastor Albers is gathering quotes from vendors and finalizing a budget in advance of the April Governing Board meeting. A presentation is scheduled for Sunday, April 23, following the Voter’s Assembly on that day.