The new family restroom is complete and the Vertical Platform Lift is awaiting state inspection!

The restroom is complete.  The Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) should be installed the first full week of February. When these two projects are completed only one small step at the door will present an impediment to those with limited mobility. And plans are already in the works to eliminate this step.

Later this spring, a contractor will remove the portico driveway and replace it with a new driveway and parking area limited to three or four spaces for those who require accessible parking. The driveway at the portico will be raised to eliminate the step at the door, creating a full-accessible entrance. Some using devices to assist (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) may still need some help with the door and an usher may be necessary to operate the new VPL inside the door, but otherwise our sanctuary will be fully accessible for the first time in nearly 70 years!

Value-added Projects

A whole list of “value-added” projects have also been completed, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers that kept the cost of renovations to a minimum. The “savings” have been invested in these other projects:

  • A new pedestal sink has been installed in the existing women’s restroom replacing a failing lavatory cabinet and sink.
  • A new utility sink has been installed in the old bride’s room (next to this restroom).
  • New tile has been installed in the basement hallway (since a big hole was needed to access the drain, waste and vent (DWV) lines.
  • Several drop ceilings have (or will be) installed in the narthex alcove, in this old bride’s room, and in the hallway (improving lighting and reducing echo).
  • The entire narthex and entryways have been repainted, for the first time in many decades.
  • Some new stair nosing has replaced pieces that required replacement, especially in the entrances most used by worshippers.
  • New conduit for low-voltage wiring (speakers, microphones, computer network) were installed, creating access for future projects.

Fundraising continues!

Your financial support of this project will be CRITICAL. The total budget for these projects was $55,000, and through the end of January a total of $43,095 has been donated for this purpose, including a $20,000 gift from St. John’s Thrift Shop to cover the cost of the VPL. While we have sufficient funds on hand to complete the driveway project, we must “pay” for these projects (through additional gifts) before beginning other projects.