Project Welcome 2.0 Projects Continue On Schedule


After spending several weeks this summer installing new porcelain tile in the narthex and cloister walk, efforts shifted to the chapel where the pews and fixtures were removed, along with the old tile, and new tile was installed. Grout has been completed and the final cleaning is very nearly complete.

Pews have been removed and distributed to both folks from St. John’s and others. We did reserve a small number of pews on the lower level just in case future plans require their use. The non-functioning electronic organ was donated to an independent Baptist church in Leesburg, Indiana (their volunteers moved it on Saturday, September 2).

The good news is that once we replaced old fluorescent tubes with new LED tubes, there was plenty of light available in the chapel, with settings appropriate for worship (a softer white light) and for meetings and study (a brighter, whiter light).

Rehabilitating and renovating trim work is next. A new baseboard will complement and “complete” the existing trim work, while a new and more flexible altar platform will be created for the front of the chapel. If you would like to help cover the cost of the tile, we are now at a total cost of just under $18,000 on this part of the project (about $500 over our original budget).


It took several attempts, but we finally received a stain sample that matched the existing pews, doors, and trim. Our goal is the same as with previous renovations, “Looks like it could have always been there!” The 50 church chairs (10 of them with arms) will replace the pews in the chapel creating a more flexible and useable space. If you would like to “sponsor” a chair, make a gift of at least $250 and mark it as such on your gift (either by check or online). A donor will “match” your gift with an additional $50!  Several new folding tables will also be purchased for the space, making sure we can easily re-configure the space for worship, study, or fellowship.


New door panels are being custom-made for our space, but the old, according doors will stay put until the new ones are ready to install. These door panels will incorporate designs from the reredos (the wall behind the altar). The panels will move easily on a track, just like the current doors, but because they will match the color and design of the trim and other doors, they will look as though they have always been in place.

A St. John’s family has made a pledge to completely cover the $4,000 cost of these door panels and church volunteers are working in the coming weeks to create them in their own wood shops.   


It is necessary that ALL of the Project Welcome 2.0 projects are supported by ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL GIFTS. Between the previous projects and our 2.0 projects, a total of $59,000 has been received, with another $6,500 in pledges (for a total of just over $65,000), leaving a balance of about $35,000 to complete all of the projects. Please consider making an additional gift in support of these and other projects to improve our facilities.