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The first weeks of this effort have resulted in gifts and pledges over $5,400. Each day more folks are asking for details about the project. We are planning on a dozen or more pledges before the end of February!

The fundraising effort is currently focused on donors “adopting” one or more of the components of the new play area. High-quality play area equipment can be rather costly, so we have taken each component and divided the cost into five parts, resulting in gifts ranging from $125 to $1,250. And since donors could “claim” more than one of these amounts, they can create their own giving level that suits their circumstances.

The equipment in the play area consists of 16 individual components, all of which work together to create a safe and creative place for our youngest students to play and develop physically. These slides, posts, platforms, panels, and climbers will all be put together and installed by volunteers from church and school later in June.

In the first weeks of the effort:

  • Leaders from our church and school staff have provided $1,650 in pledges and gifts, completely underwriting one component (the Loop Ladder) and covering a significant part of the Driver Panel.
  • Several families with children in our school have stepped up with gifts of $1,500 which will help cover the cost for the Double Slide as well as the Single Slide.
  • Two worshippers who are regular attendees in worship on Saturday evenings are providing another $1,000 which will also help underwrite the costs of the Single Slide.
  • Two local companies–New Age Telecom and Qubit Networks–who have been vital in expanding and improving our computer network, provided gifts that cover half the cost of a Storefront Panel.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Contact the school office, at (219) 362-6692 or email


All pledges and gifts are pending final project approval by appropriate leaders and boards as well as raising all of the funds necessary to complete the project as designed. If a re-design is necessary, donors and sponsors will be consulted before any funds are re-directed to cover the cost of other items. All donations will support the project to relocate and improve the play area designated for children from 2 years old through kindergarten.
Unless other arrangements are made, pledges must be fulfilled by May 31, 2024. Gifts can be made via cash, check, Paypal, Credit Card, or ACH transfer. For details contact the St. John’s School Office.

For a slide show and more information about making a pledge visit: