St. John’s is working to prepare our students for success once they leave St. John’s Lutheran School and move on to the next steps in their education.

Dr. Lipscomb arranged for St. John’s 7th and 8th-grade students to visit A. K. Smith Career Center, located in Michigan City. Dr. Lipscomb wants to extend her deepest gratitude to Ms. Urban and her team of instructors and students at A.K. Smith Career Center. Their collaborative efforts did not go unnoticed, and Dr. Lipscomb is grateful for the impact this field trip had on our students’ educational journey.

Dr. Lipscomb also wants to thank Miss Stelter and Mrs. Satkoski for attending the field trip; their ongoing support and dedication to our 7th and 8th-grade students does not go unnoticed.

Our Eagles learned that A.K. Smith Career Center offers programs for juniors and seniors in high school, providing opportunities to earn college credit in select classes. These programs cover a variety of fields, including cosmetology, criminal justice and law, culinary arts academy, welding, fire science, energy academy, health career academy, and more. It’s incredible to see the range of options available to students across all public schools in La Porte County.

Dr. Tammy Lipscomb serves as our Director of Student Success leading our efforts in social and emotional learning (SEL), attendance, behavior management, and transitions after graduation.