An anniversary provides a wonderful opportunity for reflection, as well as an opportunity to set out on a new direction.

Here’s what I have learned so far this year at St. John’s:

  • Everyone wants to build a better and stronger future for St. John’s.
  • Current projects at church and school are encouraging and helpful.
  • St. John’s folks are generally busy folks!  Work, family, school, recreation & church balance is a near-universal issue!

Put as simply as possible, here are our challenges as I see it:

We must look forward.

While St. John’s may have a glorious past filled with lots of joyful memories, our future is … well … in the future!  When making an observation of what we used to do, please be ready to make a suggestion for the future and why it is the BEST way forward! 

We must focus outward.

A focus on those who are not yet a part of our congregation or school ministry will likely help us better serve those who are already a part of our fellowship.  

We must serve others.

Our Lord’s commands rarely, if ever, include a reminder to “take care of number 1!” While self-care is critical, our Lord directs us to serve our neighbor (including family members, friends, co-workers, etc.). Our ministry at St. John’s must always seek to serve others.

The good news is that these challenges are more and more becoming our daily priorities. Leaders are talking more and more about tomorrow.  Individuals are talking more and more about reaching those who are not in worship regularly. Plans to reach families who are not yet a part of our school are underway. Opportunities to serve others abound and plenty are responding.

What do you think about ministry with God’s people? What should be my priorities as pastor in the coming months? What future direction do you imagine for the ministries we share? Let’s chat soon!  Stop by the office sometime … if the door is open and the light is on, I am available (for at least a few minutes). Better yet, let’s schedule some time over a cup of coffee or other beverage … early mornings are great, but late afternoons and early evenings are also usually available.

Peace and joy,