Pastor Albers and Debra will once again be hosting a Passover Seder Meal for their St. John’s family and friends.

This Passover Seder is intended to be an educational experience, as well as a reason to celebrate. The event is designed to give us as close a picture as possible of a traditional Jewish Passover Meal. It is NOT intended to be a replication of the meal Jesus celebrated with his disciples “on the night when he was betrayed”. The texts and traditions, however, have been handed down over the generations so they likely reflect something of what happened on that evening.

The Seder is the covenant meal of the Jewish people but it also gives us a look at the roots of our own covenant meal, the Lord’s Supper. We read through the Haggadah, the liturgy for the evening, and eat the Passover meal recognizing the fact that is is not a particularly “Christian” celebration. It is, however, a gathering of Christian people and because of that we will look for the promise of the Messiah throughout the celebration.

Our celebration is held annually on the Tuesday of Holy Week rather than trying to synchronize with the actual date of Passover, which is a moveable feast in Judaism and often lines up with our own Holy Week service schedule. Locating the service in the middle of Holy Week provides a timely opportunity to learn more and celebrate the freedom won for us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

A donation of $20-$25 per person helps to cover the cost of the Seder. Donations in addition to this will help cover the cost for someone who cannot afford to pay.

Plan now to join us on Tuesday, April 4, beginning at 6pm.

Registration for the event is now closed. Check back in early March, 2024, for details of our next Passover Seder meal.

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