Each week, it seems, another update helps improve our ability to communicate and for our students to learn well!

Digital Signage

A new sign has now been installed at the School Entrance, one that will also provide some helpful updates when worshippers arrive for the Connect service on Sunday.

If you would like an Announcement or other information included on one of the two digital signs:

  1. Contact Jennifer Martinez at for more information and/or
  2. Prepare an image (16:9 presentation) and forward it to the above email.

Slides can be added to either or both signs and be scheduled for a certain period of time, so be sure to let Jennifer know how long you want the announcement to remain in the sign loop. 

Security and Internet Infrastructure

At the workday on January 21, volunteers were able to extend a new raceway near the middle of the school building and begin to relocate fire alarm components (like detectors and strobes). And the week following the “home run” to the church workroom was completed! Before long workers will be able to install new network cable and/or relocate existing cable. 

Qubit Networks, the contractor that improved and expanded our school network this past summer is ready to complete the project by installing additional access points at key locations in the school, both in classrooms and places where groups of students and guests gather (e.g. cafeteria & gymnasium). They are scheduled to be on campus during spring break to complete their work.

Contact Pastor Albers if you would like to help with the project. A couple of volunteers working two or three hours at a time can accomplish lots! Skills needed include: measuring and cutting using a miter saw, and using an impact driver. A “gopher” working with a worker with more skills is extremely helpful!

The contract with TechCentric Solutions has been finalized and SJLS is on their schedule to complete the keyless entry project in June of 2023 (as soon as the school year ends).

VOIP Phone System

A representative with New Age Telecom has presented a contract for review by the Board of Trustees for a new voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) phone system. Since this new phone system requires additional ethernet ports in each location (to connect to the internet in place of the phone company), additional low-voltage internet cable must be installed before the system can be installed, hopefully before the end of the school year.