At baptism the Lord placed in your heart the desire to be generous with the blessings He shares.

Lifetime Plan for Giving™ is a process offered by the LCMS Foundation to assist you in transferring the blessings God has given you to the family you love and the ministries you care about.

The workshop will cover:

  • Important documents everyone should have before going to heaven.
  • How the LCMS Foundation can assist you with preparing, or reviewing, a will or trust.
  • Ensuring your estate is being transferred as you intended, in a tax-wise manner.
  • How giving plans are for everyone.

SJLC leader Dionne Lovstad-Jones, a Gift Planning Counselor with the LCMS Foundation, will co-lead the seminar with Rev. Phil Krupski, Senior Vice-President for Gift Planning Services at the Foundation.

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The seminar on Sunday, February 19, will immediately follow the Connect service on that day in the School Cafeteria. Worship will wrap up about 10:35am and brunch will be served by 10:45am.  The seminar will conclude no later than 12:30pm.

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About the LCMS Foundation

The LCMS Foundation was established in 1958 as a stewardship ministry of the church and dedicated to the belief that the Foundation would, “be a vehicle which can, and under the blessing of God’s will, usher in a completely new era for our church.”

Since that awe-filled beginning, thousands of inspired stewards, joyful in their thanks to God—people like you—have used the LCMS Foundation to plan and manage gifts that benefit their families, congregations and ministries worldwide.

At the same time hundreds of LCMS congregations, as well as dozens of schools, RSOs, our two seminaries and many of the Concordia universities have trusted the LCMS Foundation to be their dedicated investment resource.

Their purpose and mission

The Foundation has four primary purposes:

  • Providing planned giving services to LCMS members for the benefit of all ministries of the Synod.
  • Providing investment management services for ministry funds and endowments held by congregations and other LCMS ministries and institutions.
  • Providing training to others in the LCMS on how to do charitable gift planning.
  • Receiving non-cash gifts, like land and securities, on behalf of any LCMS organization, so that they can convert those gifts into liquid assets.

When the Foundation does its job well, both donors and ministries are blessed. Specifically, donors are assisted in using their God-given spirit of generosity to make the most effective gifts to ministries and their families. While ministries are blessed through the creation of long-term funding sources, as well as by having the Foundation as a trusted steward to invest and grow those sources. To learn more, click here to view the Foundation’s annual Ministry Report.