Our new chapel doors are being provided by their children in loving memory of Rev. Carl and Dorothy Moellman.


Carl Moellman was born in 1925 in Sweetwater, Nebraska, the youngest of six children. His father was a Lutheran minister, but due to the death of his mother when he was born, Carl was given to his childless aunt and uncle to raise as their son. He spent his childhood in the Detroit, Michigan area working in the family grocery store and meat market and faithfully attending St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in St. Claire Shores. After high school, Carl went to Concordia Theological Seminary in Springfield, Illinois, and was ordained in 1948.

As a missionary-at-large, the Rev. Carl Moellman was commissioned to start a congregation in the southern Grand Rapids, Michigan, area (now Wyoming). In January 1949 the first service for Grace Lutheran Church was held in the living room of the parsonage-chapel. A regular church was built and dedicated in November 1951. In 1958 Carl accepted a call to First Lutheran Church in Charlotte, Michigan, where he increased the membership and was part of planning for a new church building and parsonage. In 1965 he accepted a call to serve as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in La Porte, Indiana. However, in May 1969, Carl died of a heart attack at the age of 44.

Throughout his life, he faithfully and selflessly loved and served God, his congregations, and his wife and children. He had a wonderful sense of humor and liked telling stories of both his birth and adopted families’ histories. He enjoyed celebrating the major holidays with family, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. He loved American History and studied the lives of the Presidents, particularly Abraham Lincoln.


Dorothy Flemming was born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan in 1927, the second youngest of six children. She grew up in St. Claire Shores and faithfully attended St. Paul’s Lutheran Church where she was part of the Sunday School, various choirs, and the youth group. In 1949 Dorothy married Rev. Carl Moellman, whom she had known through her church as she was growing up. Not only did she become a devoted wife and mother of nine children, but also as a pastor’s wife, she served as Carl’s secretary and helped to support him in his ministry.

Over the years Dorothy continued to serve in the different parishes as a member of the Altar Guild, Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School teacher, and leader of a women’s Bible Study group. As a widow at 42, Dorothy continued to be devoted to her faith and her family, and she worked diligently to provide for and finish raising her nine children, ranging in age from 3 to 19. Her all-inclusive love was genuine and sincere, and she was an important part of the lives of numerous grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She was a driver for Meals on Wheels until she had to return to the job market. She worked for the American Red Cross for many years and then for the La Porte YMCA for 21 years until she was 87 years old.

Dorothy Moellman was 93 years old when she died. Throughout her life and especially with her extended family, she lived and witnessed her faith and her love. She was always smiling and trying to help others. Dorothy loved being involved in family events, especially in celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. She enjoyed doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles and watching classic TV shows and movies.

Carl and Dorothy Moellman loved their family dearly and did their best to teach life’s lessons with God at the center. They demonstrated their teachings by loving and respecting each other and by working together to promote their children’s ambitions and to support them in difficult times. At this time their legacy includes 9 children, 14 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren. Their family has comfort in knowing that they are together with the Lord, whom they loved and served faithfully. The lives of Rev. Carl and Mrs. Dorothy Moellman and their steadfast faith are worthy of remembrance and as a tribute to the Glory of God.