Congratulations are in order!  A half-million dollars in investments have added up over the last several years.

When the Trustees approved the recent replacement of the remaining seven (7) rooftop HVAC units for the school building they put a hard “stop” on additional projects … mostly. There are several projects already underway that will continue until completion and are supported by additional fundraising and matching grants.

$40,000 DEFICIT

At the last meeting of the Trustees, the Capital Improvement Fund … from which we take money to support “major” projects such as the recent HVAC unit … had a nearly $40,000 deficit. Funds come from church-member donations, investment income, and, in the case of safety and security upgrades, grants from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

In the past two years, we have received about $12,000 from investments and another $12,000 or so in donations and other income. However, we have also received about $82,000 in grant funding with another $18,000 coming when projects are completed this summer.  About $34,000 was left from projects completed many years ago (i.e. stained glass window repair at the church).

But a deficit is only PART of the story!


In the past three or four years we have made an IMPRESSIVE amount of investments in our facilities, both at the church and school, only some of which were from the fund which now shows a deficit.  Most of which were supported by other donations.

  • Project Welcome: a multi-year effort to improve our church building has been FULLY FUNDED by additional donations … about $105,000 so far.
  • Security and Safety Enhancements at school for $125,000 with another $25,000 coming later this summer.
  • Parking Lot Repairs: we added another $13,000 to the amount from the Project Welcome donations.
  • Plenty of other “miscellaneous” repairs also received some attention including a new window for the Teacher’s Workroom ($3,900), roofing repairs ($4,000), and the installation of a new phone system ($2,200). 
  • Computer Network upgrades at both the church and school add another $40,000 to this total. (See related post New Church WIFI Network).
  • Rooftop HVAC units for the school building cost $106,500.
  • The new preschool play area will be completed later this summer ($75,000)

These and other investments amount to a total of $500,000 in infrastructure and facility upgrades in the past three years! That is excluding the value of “in-kind” efforts provided by volunteers which easily brings the total value close to $600,000.