Over the last 18 months, St. John’s has invested more than $50,000 in new, rooftop HVAC units for our school building. It should not have been a surprise. The existing units were installed nearly 20 years ago with a life expectancy of 15 years.

Each unit cost $10,500 to replace. There are 11 such units for the school (one for each of the nine classrooms, the library, and the front hallway). The effort began with a new unit and ductwork for the school office solving a decades-old problem of extra humidity in that space.  Three other units failed within the next 12 months.

To forestall any more surprises, the trustees asked our vendor, Land HVAC, to inspect and clean the remaining seven (7) units. All seven units were immediately “red tagged” and turned off. (A red tag means a furnace is unsafe to operate.)

SJLC Leaders Step up!

Our leadership stepped up in a BIG way! 

  • We received the bad news on Thursday, March 7.
  • Trustees and Governor Board members received news on Friday and Land HVAC began looking for a solution.
  • Land HVAC had a quote prepared by the end of the day on Friday, March 8.
  • SJLC leadership traded emails and otherwise discussed plans over the weekend (several impromptu “meetings” were held after church).
  • By Monday morning leadership had arranged for funding the project.
  • Monday Morning the trustees met, reviewed, and approved the proposal from Land HVAC
  • By Wednesday evening all seven (7) new units were installed and in place! 

From news of an impending crisis to new units installed in SEVEN DAYS!

Replacing all seven units at the same time did save a significant amount of money, more than $1,200 a unit.  But our Capital Improvement Fund did take a significant “hit.” Thanks to some thoughtful decisions years ago some of the income from our investments helps “refresh” this fund over time and some “leftover” funds from other projects completed years ago have also helped.

However, we need your help! Your additional gift to the Capital Improvement Fund can make sure we eliminate the deficit in this fund and prepare for the next project.

Speaking of the next project: a double door is being replaced in the school building as a part of our Secured School Safety Grant application (about $6,000 from SJLC). The trustees are also looking at creative solutions to the leaking stone wall caps in our school building.