Teaching 30 new students and 15 new families “The Eagle Way”

One of every four students is new to St. John’s this school year.  We have 15 new families that have joined us and our K-8 Enrollment stands at 125.  This brings both challenges, as well as opportunities.  There are more students in classrooms, hallways, recess, restrooms, and the cafeteria.  There are also more students who will be engaged in extracurricular activities, more parents volunteering, and more students learning about our Lord and Savior.

New students and families mean teaching newcomers our daily routines such as drop-off and pick-up, and attendance procedures, not to mention “The Eagle Way.” Our students are “respectful, responsible, and ready,” and stand ready to “impact the world for Christ.” These are attitudes that must be taught and learned throughout the school day.

Although our classes are increasing in size, they remain rather small at an average of fewer than 14 students per classroom. Smaller classes increase the feeling of family and community at St. John’s, increase teacher effectiveness, and allow us to respond to the diverse needs of students.

Increased enrollment also means more financial resources, especially by means of the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. All but six (6) of our students qualify for an Indiana Choice Scholarship which will cover 90% of the costs of an Eagle education. However, EVERY student at St. John’s receives some form of financial assistance.

St. John’s Lutheran Church continues to provide significant financial support for students through a series of scholarships and membership discounts amounting to nearly $120,000 this school year. Your financial support of St. John’s ministry makes these scholarships possible!

The current tuition and fees are $7,495 which are still only about 90% of the cost to operate our school. Tuition is projected to increase again in 2024/25, to just over $8,000, including a $25 increase to the Technology fee. 

The “ideal” average class size is 18 and we have room for nine classrooms, or 162 students. We are still working to recruit a new, permanent fifth-grade teacher and will likely need to add a middle school teacher by the 2025/26 school year. Given natural “attrition” (graduation, moving away, transfers), we will need to add 30 students each year if we are to reach our ideal enrollment by the 2025/26 school year.