Dr. Lipscomb rejoins St. John’s Eagle family as Director of Student Success

Second Step LogoDr. Tammy Lipscomb first joined the Eagle family as the school’s counselor in 2018. She utilized the Second Step® curriculum to educate students on how to best manage their social and emotional needs while balancing school and family. During her second year at SJLS, she added teaching English and Language Arts for middle school students to her schedule.

Her professional background consists of over 20 years of experience in La Porte County schools. Dr. Lipscomb has extensive experience with adolescents who are being raised by multi-generational family members. Her educational background consists of a bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a master’s in Psychology, and recently, a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Capella University, in Minnesota.

This year, as the Director of Student Success, Dr. Lipscomb will have a series of responsibilities, in addition to handling counseling duties. She will once again lead students in the Second Step® curriculum, administer attendance policies,  and assist on-going efforts to meet and exceed state and local academic requirements. Her knowledge of writing behavior plans, student success plans, and supporting teachers and families are only a few of the ways Dr.  Lipscomb can ensure the success of all students at SJLS.  


In 2020, St. John’s Lutheran School first received a grant from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte that funded the introduction of the Social Emotional Learning Program called Second Steps®, and a part-time position to implement this program.  Then “not yet Dr,” Lipscomb filled this position through the end of the 2020/21 school year.  Another Healthcare Foundation grant provided for a full-time teacher/counselor with the plan that it become a permanent part of our school ministry.  Increased ability to provide for students with a variety of needs has a direct impact on our ability to recruit students, which is why continuing to fund this position will be included in our 2024 spending plan proposals.