Math Competition

St. John’s students competed in the 36th Annual Lutheran Middle School Math Competition on March 14 at Valparaiso University. Ian Roule placed 4th in the 5th Grade division. Ben Aquino placed 2nd for the 7th graders. The student that beat Ben received a 100%, which hasn’t happened for a very long time. Congratulations to all of our students for participating in the math competition and representing St. John’s in such a positive way.

Washington DC Fundraisers

Students in Grades 4-6 will be on the next SJLS Washington D.C. trip in May 2025. Our second Washington D.C. Trip fundraiser will be a Nelson’s Chicken and Pit-tater sale on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Students will begin selling tickets beginning on Friday, March 24th. Tickets will also be available in the school office for purchase. Supplies are limited!

Kids Heart Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge is not only a way to raise funds to help kids — and all people through the American Heart Association — with special hearts, but students also learn about their heart health. Activities and interactive technologies made it fun to learn how to keep your heart and brain strong and emphasize both physical and emotional wellness. This year, St. John’s students participated from February 6- February 28th.
This year’s participation was a success! St. John’s students raised a total of $2,375.55. We exceeded our $1,500 goal within the first 2 weeks of participating! A huge thank you to our top-earning student, Ben Woodham for raising $506.74!

Our school helped many children across the country with heart issues, and we also earned free PE equipment! We also met our registration goal of 25 students to register. Way to go Eagles!

Career Day Report

St. John’s Lutheran School had Career Day last Friday for our 4th through 8th-grade students. We’d like to give a special thank you to all of our speakers for sharing your careers with us.
Mr. Tim Franke- Town Council, Mr. Matt Hagenow- Attorney, Mrs. Laura Konieczny- Realtor, Mr. Steve Skalka- CPA/Financial Planner, Dr. Charles Hagenow- Retired Doctor, and Mr. Terry Scherer, Police Chief at PNW/Former LaPorte Police.

Easter Sunday-Butterflies Take Flight

We will again this year marvel at the beauty that is added to our Resurrection Celebration on Easter morning provided (in part) by the Alleluia Butterflies that were made by our students prior to Ash Wednesday this year. Every year our students participate in coloring their own Alleluia Butterfly to be stored away during Lent. “Alleluia” is a Hebrew word that means “Praise the Lord.” Since we focus on the sufferings and death of Jesus during Lent, we stop using this joyful word until we celebrate Jesus’ glorious resurrection. On Easter morning the first words you hear will be: “The Lord is risen. He is risen indeed! Alleluia!” And so, every year, the butterflies make a joyful reappearance on Easter Sunday morning to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord.

iLearn Testing Reminder

ILEARN State Assessment will begin for grades 3-8 on Monday, April 17. All students in grades 3-8 will be assessed in Mathematics and English Language Arts. Grades 4 and 6 will be assessed in Science and Grade 5 will be assessed in Social Studies. Helpful tips for your students: plenty of sleep the night before; eat a healthy breakfast; dress your best for the test; relax and remain calm.

iRead Results

Second and Third-grade students completed the IREAD-3 assessment (Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination) on March 6th and 7th. The Indiana Department of Education has allowed schools to administer the IREAD-3 to 2nd-grade students this year to provide more data for our staff so that we can best meet student needs as they enter into 3rd grade next school year (when IREAD-3 test results are used to determine the promotion of 3rd-grade students to fourth grade.) There is no consequence for students who did not pass IREAD-3 during their 2nd-grade school year and any 3rd-grade students who did not pass will receive extra, individualized instruction and will have the opportunity to retest in May.

School Board Approves 2023-24 School Year Calendar

School Yard Signs

We have school yard signs! There are two different designs to choose from. A donation of $15 for one sign or $25 for two will help cover the cost of the signs. This is to raise awareness for our school and encourage others to bring their students and join the Eagle family!