IREAD-3 Assessment Information

On Monday, March 6th our students began the IREAD-3 state assessment for 3rd-grade students and any 4th-grade students that did not pass in the 2021-2022 school year. This assessment measures foundational reading skills, including students’ ability to read and understand the grade-level text. 

This year the Department of Education has again given an opportunity for 2nd-grade students to take IREAD-3. This will provide us with valuable feedback as we help our kids learn. It also allows students to test out of certain sections for next year. We should have the results back prior to Spring Break. 

The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Opportunities (SGO)

It’s about people helping people. The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization exists to raise funds from individuals and businesses and distribute scholarship funds to all eligible students wanting a quality, Christian education. The Lutheran SGO helps to make the dream of students having a Lutheran education a reality for families. Can you help us continue in this generosity? Tax-Deductible donations to St. John’s scholarship fund can be made online at The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization. For more information, visit, call 260-203-4509, or email info@LutheranSGO.

Washington DC Fundraisers

Students in Grades 4-6 will be on the next SJLS Washington D.C. trip in May 2025.  Students will begin their first fundraiser for this trip on Friday, March 10, an Envelope Sponsoring Fundraiser.  Students will be asking for and accepting monetary donations that will go directly to their individual accounts to finance their trip. This fundraiser will end on Wednesday, March 22. Say, “Yes!” when a student asks for your support. Or, if you would like to make a monetary donation to a student in need, please contact the school office or stop in to see us.  

Our second Washington D.C. Trip fundraiser will be a Nelson’s Chicken and Pit-tater sale on Saturday, April 29, 2023.  Students will begin selling tickets on Friday, March 24th.  Tickets will also be available in the school office for purchase. Supplies are limited!

Kids Heart Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge is not only a way to raise funds to help kids — and all people through the American Heart Association — with special hearts, but students also learn about their heart health. Activities and interactive technologies made it fun to learn how to keep your heart and brain strong and emphasize both physical and emotional wellness. This year, St. John’s students participated from February 6- February 28th.

This year’s participation was a success! St. John’s students raised a total of $2,375.55. We exceeded our $1,500 goal within the first 2 weeks of participating! A huge thank you to our top-earning student, Ben Woodham for raising $506.74!

Our school helped many children across the country with heart issues, and we also earned free PE equipment! We also met our registration goal of 25 students to register. Way to go Eagles!