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Kids Heart Challenge

The Kids Heart Challenge is held at schools across the country, delivering heart-healthy physical activity through service learning for the American Heart Association. The Kids Heart Challenge focuses on whole body wellness, helping students improve their own health and better their character while raising life-saving donations for the American Heart Association to help kids facing heart-health issues. Our kickoff will be February 6th and will run through February 28th. Our goal this year is to raise $1,500 for Heart Health Awareness and to earn PE equipment for our school. 

NWEA Student Assessment Reports

In the beginning of January our students in the grades of Kindergarten through 8th Grade completed the Winter NWEA Formative Assessment.  Grades Kindergarten – 8th Grade took Math and Reading.  Second Grade through 8th Grade also took a Language Arts assessment.  I am extremely proud of our students for their efforts to improve their learning.  I commend all of our staff for their on-going efforts in increasing the rigor of instruction in classrooms and the expectations of our students.  

Updating our math curriculum to the current State Standards last school year has been a challenge for our students, staff, and parents to adjust to.  However, the results of our students’ NWEA Winter math scores literally brought me (Mrs. Berndt) to tears.  89% of our students not only increased their scores since the Fall testing, there were dramatic increases in scores.  There were many students that have already met and exceeded their expected end of the goal in math!   WAY TO GO! Great job Eagles! THANK YOU students, staff, and parents!  

Additionally, 70% of our students increased Reading scores from fall to winter, and 68% of students increased Language Art scores.  We have great hopes that 3rd through 8th grades will see an increased benefit throughout the school year with the new English/Language arts curriculum textbooks.  Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms have also been implementing the newest curriculum version of Saxon Phonics this year.

Spelling Bee Competition

Thursday, January 26, St. John’s Lutheran School held the annual Spelling Bee.  There were 29 students grades 3 through 8 that participated.  Congratulations to our top three students:  3rd place – Martin Pham, 2nd place – Nolan Roule, and the 2023 Champion Kenneth Martinez!  There were 18 rounds that led to our championship.  The final last two words were “maneuverable” and “lurid”.  Our champion will advance to the next level of Spelling Bee competition in March that will take place at South Central School.

Student Council News 

For the month of January, the Student Council collected items for the local animal shelter as their service project.   Students collected items that the shelter indicated that they need most at this time are canned and dried cat food, meat type baby foods, laundry soap and bleach.   The Student Council will also be starting another fundraiser to raise money for the Gaga Pit by hosting a Read-A-Thon.  More information will be sent home at a later date.  

St. John’s Eagle Alumni News

La Porte High School took the senior Americanism and Government Scholarship Test offered by the American Legion in November. Our district 10th grade boy winner was St. John’s Lutheran Eagle Alumni, Luke Cannon. He earned $50 from the district and he was also announced as the state winner for 10th grade boys with a 92% — one of the top scores in the state overall!  Luke and his family will be invited to the American Legion’s Spring Conference in April, where he will receive $1,000 and a nice wooden plaque.  Congratulations to Luke Cannon and his family!  “Soar like an Eagle” Luke!

NEST Facebook Reading Challenge

We encourage you to become a member of our private NEST Facebook page.  Parents can take pictures of their students reading each month and post on the NEST Facebook page.  Those students will have their names put into a drawing for a prize from our NEST (Nurturing Eagle Support Team).