Chapel Chairs Delivered!

Next time you are at church (or even if you just want to drive past) be sure to take a gander at the new chairs delivered at the end of October. Not to mention the components of the new altar platform also beginning to arrive replacing the one that was removed in recent renovations.

St. John workers made quick work of the delivery of chairs on Monday, October 23. Most of those offering a comment have spoken of just how great the chairs look and can begin to see how the space can be used in many more ways in the coming years.  The space will return to its very “worshipful” setting once the altar platform is in place and the trim work is completed.  However, some new tables and a video display designed for study and meetings will also make clear the alternative uses we have in mind.

A brother of one member and volunteer is currently arranging for the purchase of wood for the new partition doors that will replace the old (and dirty) accordion doors. There may be a few other “surprises” in store as congregational volunteers continue working their “magic” completing projects both inside and outside.


We still need additional donations to complete the project, making sure that these “extra” offerings are sufficient to cover the final cost.  At last count, we were about $20,000 short of covering all of the costs.  Be sure to mark your gift “Project Welcome 2.0,” and also indicate if there is a particular component that is receiving your financial support.

The first event in the new space has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 22, at 6:30 p.m., the traditional time for St. John’s service for the Day of National Thanksgiving. Pastor Albers has also planned to hold the Christmas Day Divine Service in the chapel as well at 10 a.m. on December 25.