Plan now to be a part of our April Project Day at church and school.

Volunteer workers from the church and school have made huge progress at our project days this year. The next project day is on Saturday, April 15. Work will begin at 8am and continue until 2pm.  It’s okay if you must arrive a bit late, or leave a bit early, but if you want us to “save” your job … let us know in advance!

Some of the tasks include:

  • Painting recently renovated spaces in the lower level of the church.
  • Helping remove and replace window wells at the church (Monroe side, next to the portico).
  • Organizing a storage area in the school basement (includes trips to the dumpster).
  • Cutting and installing covers for the new raceway in the school hallway (up and down a step stool or short ladder).
  • Pulling computer network cable from one location to another through the new raceway (not computer network knowledge or experience necessary).
  • Extending raceway from one location to another (involves measuring, cutting, drilling into mortar, tools provided).
  • Relocating fire alarm components (involves some basic wiring knowledge, but only low-voltage circuits).
  • Re-wiring and replacing old fluorescent tubes with LED tubes in restrooms, classrooms, offices. (A second crew comfortable using a lift could also work in the cafeteria.)
  • Washing exterior windows around the school building (weather dependent).

And plenty of other tasks along the way!