Over a period of years, and especially in the last six months or so, we’ve adjusted how we “produce” our worship services which meant a need to upgrade our “infrastructure.”


Since the days of the pandemic, St. John’s has provided a worship service online via “livestream.” A couple of volunteers make this possible. (We could use a few others!) Recent changes are making it easier for volunteers to assist. 

While the “lead technician” needs to be located on the balcony, an assistant can now assist from their seat in the sanctuary. Through the use of an iPad, a worshiper can help advance the slides while the “lead” volunteer makes sure the cameras are adjusted properly, the feed to the live stream is working appropriately, and even commentary is added to the live video.

Several folks are regularly online and others react to our video posts. This spring we are going to survey folks who indicate that they make use of this service, making sure it remains a worthy investment of precious resources: namely our PEOPLE!


We’ve added several digital signs (large screen display) to help better communicate. One new display in the chapel will provide for worship services and another is used regularly for bible studies or conferences.  Another display placed right outside the gymnasium is mostly used to encourage participation in our school’s athletics program. 


We’ve expanded our computer network, especially in the church building, to better serve our expanding needs for worship and study. The Trustees just approved a quote from Qubit Networks to expand the WIFI network, replacing the older (and slower and less reliable) access points in the sanctuary, chapel, and narthex.  Once installed, there will be a single WIFI network … with a guest network … in both our school and church buildings.


While the “V” side of this equation (video) is still using some “temporary” equipment, the “A” side of the equation (audio) has been receiving some much-needed attention, especially in our school’s cafeteria for the Connect service.

Since adding the use of “worship tracks” for leading music at our Connect service, we needed to improve our sound “production.” Using mostly equipment that we already had on hand and a donated iPad and Bluetooth music receiver, we have cleaned up and improved our Connect service “production.”

We’ve also made it easier to “transport” the use of “worship tracks” to the sanctuary, making use of the grand piano and microphones already located in the front of the sanctuary. We plan to keep making improvements a step at a time, making a larger musical ensemble possible in the near future.