The Indiana Choice Scholarship Program has transformed our school’s ability to reach more students and include more families. Thanks to this program and the scholarships provided by St. John’s Lutheran Church: EVERY family can afford an Eagle education for their children. 


On Thursday, February 1, the Indiana Department of Education announced final Choice award amounts for the current school year.

Each year we estimate the Choice Scholarship Award amount for our students based mostly on the previous year’s amounts and an estimate of how much they may increase for this year. Our St. John’s Church Partner and Eagle Fund Scholarship (needs-based) awards are based on the amount of this award. 

GOOD NEWS! We slightly underestimated these award amounts. The final amount is based on a student’s corporation of residence. Most of our students live in the La Porte Community School Corporation boundaries, but others are in South Central, New Prairie, and Michigan City Schools. 

EACH award amount increased by more than 5% as compared to last year’s awards, bringing the total Choice funding to approximately $765,000 for 119 students this school year. By way of comparison, just three years ago (2020/21), 61 students received just over $211,000 in Choice Scholarships, a 362% increase.  

If we reach our enrollment target for the 2024/25 School Year of 135 K-8 students, our Choice Scholarship income should increase again by at least $100,000, nearly $900,000.