Portals of Prayer


For decades the Portals of Prayer has provided the people of St. John’s with a fabulous opportunity for daily devotions. The Portals of Prayer is published quarterly throughout the year and is available at worship the month before the devotions begin (e.g. March for the April-June edition).

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Some quarters our supply “runs low.” Other times we have more than enough copies for everyone who picks one up after worship. Some quarters we have the correct amount, but the wrong size.

  • RESERVE your copy of Portals of Prayer for June delivery!
  • FILL OUT a card at church and return to the church office or in the offering plate — OR — complete the form below.
  • HELP complete a card/form for a homebound individual and make the delivery yourself.
  • ADDITIONAL copies will be available mid-June.
  • MAKE A DONATION to cover the cost for you or others.

  • Let us know any special requests, if you are helping a homebound member or friend, etc.
    Let me know how I can help with the Portals of Prayer ministry (manage subscriptions, delivery, etc.)