Join the Livestream Production Team

St. John’s relies on numerous volunteers to make possible our use of technology to assist with our worship services. Over the past year our technology has improved and our internet connections have become more reliable. The team is small … but mighty … and, we pray, growing in size!

The best way to get involved is to volunteer as a Production Assistant for one of our Team Leaders on a Sunday morning. The work to live stream our 8:00 am worship service is much better with a two-person team. And as the assistant, you can get some “on-the-job” training. There is no bulletin for the Connect service at 9:30am on Sundays, so having an assistant to help click through the numerous slides is even more important.

Currently, helpers range in age from 10 to 60. Some help nearly every week, while others step in “in a pinch” or so the other technician can get to communion. If the Pastor and church office have prepared well (without any mistakes), the task can be as simple as clicking on an arrow as the service progresses.

Speak to Pastor Albers, Dionne Lovstad-Jones or Debra Albers to get more information.  Or call Jennifer in the church office: 219-362-3726.