This year we are beginning a new tradition at St. John’s, preparing older children to receive the Lord’s Supper before (or during) the usual two-year period of confirmation instruction.

To that end, Pastor Albers is hosting a series of classes for

from 4 pm until 5:30 pm
(March 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 this year.)

The classes are NOT “faith formation light,” but are a supplement or preview to the confirmation instruction children and youth receive. The primary difference will be that the children will be able to receive communion WHILE they continue their confirmation instruction.
However, this class is for children and AT LEAST one adult (either a parent or grandparent usually). Hopefully, the SAME adult can attend each week, giving you a chance to interact with your child both before and after the sessions.

Some FAQs:
1. How old/young should a child be?
It really depends on the child and whether you believe they are ready to take this step. This year we are focusing on 5th through 8th grades. But please let me know if you want to attend and if your child is older (or younger) than this age group.
2. My children don’t attend St. John’s Lutheran Church, can they participate?
YES! ANY child can participate, but this is designed to prepare children to become lifelong participants in the ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church or a sister congregation. If you actively worship at another congregation, please ask your pastor about receiving instruction.
3. My children attend a public school, is this only for SJLS students?
No, this is not just for SJLS students! We want other children to be a part of the instruction.
4. I would like to bring my grandchild, would that be okay?
Please ask the permission of the child’s parent but, yes, this may be just the nudge your grandchild needs. You can be the adult that helps with the instruction.
5. Is there some sort of ceremony at the end of these classes?
Children who complete the instruction will be invited to be the first (with their family) to receive communion on the Maundy Thursday service on April 6, but there is no ritual, that comes at the end of confirmation instruction, usually around the end of 8th grade.

  • The student's name.