Choice School Application Accepted

Non-public Schools like St. John’s must make a new application each year if they want to participate in the Indiana Choice Scholarship program. Our 2023/24 application was approved in early March, which means we can begin making a Choice application for our current and incoming students!

Students must meet two criteria to receive a Choice Scholarship, one of which is based on household income. Currently, household income limits are set at 300% of Federal Free and Reduced Lunch (FFRL) Guidelines. (For a family of four, this income limit is $165,500 annually.) Students must also have a valid “track” for a Choice Scholarship. All previous Choice students and those who received an SGO Scholarship in the past … AND their siblings have a valid track.

The Scholarship will cover about 85% of the costs for a child to attend SJLC and scholarships funded by St. John’s Lutheran Church and its donors will eliminate most (if not all) of the rest of the costs.

Be sure to share the news with a family member or friend who may want to attend St. John’s but is concerned they will not be able to afford the cost!