St. John’s students in grades 1-8 participated in an AR Reading Challenge! Any elementary LCMS school in the US and Canada was able to enter the contest. Thirty-four schools were competing. Each grade level competed against the same grade level from the other schools for average points read per student.

The contest ran from January 22 until the beginning of March. Students’ independent reading and quiz-taking contributed to their overall class scores. Competition was tough amongst all of the other LCMS schools. Overall, St. John’s placed 29th in the competition. Each class was also ranked in its own grade level division.

  • 1st grade: 22nd place
  • 2nd grade: 33rd place 
  • 3rd grade: 29th place
  • 4th grade: 28th place 
  • 5th Grade: 30th place
  • 6th Grade: 25th place
  • 7th Grade: 19th place
  • 8th Grade: 13th place

Although we may not have been placed towards the front of the pack, this competition motivated our students to read more than they have in the past. Most classes had a much higher total point value than they had in previous quarters. Our 7th and 8th-grade classes will receive a class prize for ending in the top 20 of their respective divisions.

Great job Eagles! You all showed the other Lutheran schools that we have some competitive readers!