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JUNE 2023

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Pastor John Albers, Rev. John M. Albers

Ministry With God’s People

By Pastor John Albers

No Stagnant Water Here!

No Stagnant Water Here!
He had been listening to my sermon illustration closely ... and focused on a small piece that itself could be a great sermon. And it got me thinking about our ministry together. 

Living Water

The sermon was focused on Jesus' words in John 7 concerning "Rivers of Living Water." Jesus, I observed, is the source and this living water is provided through us to the world. And then the observation of this brother in Christ gave me something to consider, namely the IMPACT that both stagnant and living water has on their surroundings.

For example, stagnant pools of water tend to degrade their surroundings while moving water continually creates new paths, even through stone. Stagnant waters tend to concentrate contaminants while moving water tends to filter them out. As I mentioned in my sermon, water from stagnant pools cannot be used to support human life and often bring death. Water that is moving and flowing, even when collecting temporarily into pools, can provide refreshment and helps to sustain life.

With that in mind, our ministry together as God's people should more closely resemble moving, living water. More to the point, while our ministry together will build on traditions of the past, our goal will not merely reflect the past but will, instead, carve out a new path. Today a stream will often resemble its past ... it comes from the same source and will generally follow the same path. In the same way, our work together continues to find its source in the God who has made us and re-created us in Baptism and, generally, we will follow a path that is similar to what has come before. But together we will begin to carve a new path into the future.

For example:
  • Our worship together will continue to be "in the name of Jesus" and certainly continue to be a means for the faithful proclamation of God's word and the administration of the sacraments. The language and style will continue to change as we use new musical forms and expressions.
  • Our school will continue to be a means for raising up the next generation of disciples who will impact the world for Christ. New teachers and leaders, different curricula, and technology will bring new ways of doing so.
  • Caring for others, especially those who are lonely or afraid, suffering under the weight of illness or injury, will continue to be a hallmark of our life together.  The means by which we connect with others and share in their life will be different today than it has been.
Here's the common thread: no stagnant water here! While ongoing change and development can be a bit frightening and increase our anxiety, it will be critical if we are to extend the kingdom of God to, for, and with new generations of God's people.

Peace and joy,


Worship Calendar

Several event names will be linked to additional information available
by clicking on the name of the event.

    Worship for the Season of Pentecost (Summer)

    June 10/11 – The Feast of St. Barnabas
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Divine Service, Setting 4
    • 9:30 am – Connect Word and Communion
    June 17/18 – Third Sunday after Pentecost
    Each service includes a prayer of Thanksgiving for Fathers
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Divine Service, Setting 4
    • 9:30 am – Connect Word and Song
    June 24/25 – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Prayer and Preaching
    • 9:30 am – Connect Word and Communion
    July 1/2 – Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Divine Service, Setting 4
    • 9:30 am Connect Word and Song
    July 8/9 – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
    • 6 pm – Evening Prayer
    • 8 am – Morning Prayer
    • 9:30 am – Connect Word and Communion
    July 15/16 – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Divine Service, Setting 4
    • 9:30 am Connect Word and Song
    July 22/23 – Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Prayer and Preaching
    • 9:30 am – Connect Word and Communion
    July 29/30 – Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
    • 6 pm & 8 am – Divine Service, Setting 4
    • 9:30 Connect Word and Communion

    Looking Ahead to Late Summer

    August 17 – First Day of School – Chapel
    August 27 – St. John's Family Reunion
    • Outdoor Worship at 10:00 am with Teacher Installation and Re-Dedication
    • A Blood Drive begins at 11 am and a Family Meal at 11:30 am (approximately)
    • Classroom Open House

    Special Events in our Calendar

    Summer Blood Drive

    Be sure to help us make an impact on our community. Plan now to give blood at our SUMMER BLOOD DRIVE on Thursday, June 22, beginning at 2 pm. There are 30 slots available.

    Our school's cafeteria will become the temporary home for Red Cross Blood Services with appointments throughout the afternoon and into the early evening.

    Please call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit and enter: stjohnslaporte to schedule an appointment.

    Give in June for a $10 gift card by email to a merchant of your choice.

    Be part of something big. Make an appointment today.

    Summer Blood Drive

    Thanksgiving for Father's Day

    Thanksgiving for Father's Day
    Join your father in worship ... or bring him with you to worship ... or bring your memories of your father

    This Father's Day weekend (June 17 & 18) we will again include a Prayer of Thanksgiving for Father's in each of our worship services.

    The prayer of thanksgiving will take on the form of a "Bidding Prayer," where an assistant or the pastor "introduces" each prayer with a "bid," that begins "Let us pray for...". After a brief time of silence, the pastor offers up a prayer for that particular reason.

    The initial "bids" will be prayers for those men who have served as mentors or teachers and then for those who often "fill a void" when a father is absent. The "highlight" of the prayer are three petitions of thanksgiving first for those fathers present in worship, then for those who are unable to be present with us in worship, then a prayer of remembrance for those fathers who have died. Each of the final petitions includes an opportunity to light and place a candle of thanksgiving.

    It's a great opportunity to bring a friend or family member to worship!

    Church Updates

    School Board Leaders Needed

    School Board Leaders Needed
    Election for three school board members is slated for the July Voters' Assembly

    A board of nine persons helps to supervise and set policy for St. John's Lutheran School. Three persons are elected each year to serve a three-year term. The next election will be at the Voters' Assembly in July.

    Over the years the School Board has made a huge impact on the direction for the ministry of our school, and that is especially true for the last five years or so. The primary shift over the last several years has been to reinforce what is called an "accountable leader" model for organizational management. The board sets policies and then directs the principal to carry out those policies. While many decisions, especially ones involving finances and personnel, will come before the board, the principal will most often have a recommendation for review.

    Actually, meetings have changed dramatically in recent years.  The board usually first received a report on a particular issue, and then discusses it in another, asking questions or offering input. Often decisions are not made until the third meeting and by that time, the board has had ample opportunity for discussion and debate. Building consensus is the board's primary means of making decisions.

    Board candidates should be active participants in the life and ministry of St. John's Lutheran Church, regularly in worship and faithful in the reception of the Lord's Supper. (SJLC Constitution, Art. IV, B.3.) Although two persons on the School Board may be non-members, these seats are already filled. Pastor Albers and Principal Berndt are ex-officio members of the board. The board meets monthly.

    Speak with Zach Alexander (Congregation President) or Pastor Albers to set up an initial interview. The Governing Board will in this case be acting as a Nominating Committee.

    Providing for the Ministry we Share

    Providing for the Ministry we Share
    You can ditch the offering plate in favor of several other options in supporting the ministry we share.

    Everyone wants to help provide for the ministry we share with offerings or donations to help cover the cost of a particular thing. These days there are several ways to help provide these gifts:
    • A check in an offering envelope
    The “standard” is still a GREAT way to provide your financial support for the ministry we share. Most place their gift in an offering plate at worship and others use the postal service to send their offerings to the church.  If you don't have an offering envelope, be sure to contact the church office.

    • PAYPAL
    There is a button on the homepage of our website you can use to make a one-time or recurring gift using PayPal. Simply visit and scroll down to the button near the bottom of the page. 

    • Bill Pay (Pastor’s favorite)
    Most banks now offer online Bill Pay as a standard benefit with your checking or savings account. If you do most of your banking online, you can set up “St. John’s Lutheran Church” as a recurring (or one-time) payee and your offering will arrive at the church office in the mail (once a week or once a month, whatever is most helpful for you).

    • Electronic Transfer
    Many folks ... especially those who make other “non-traditional” gifts ... may find it easier to set up an electronic transfer of funds. If so, please contact the church office to get account information or to have your financial manager set up the transfer. This is especially attractive to folks who are making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in place of their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Speak to Pastor Albers if you would like more information about making this kind of gift.

    Cash gifts placed in the offering plate with no other designation (like any other gift received with no additional instructions) will always be placed in the General Fund and used to support ministry through St. John's. 

    Choose "Live" over Livestream

    Choose "Live" over Livestream

    Livestream is available, but "Choose Live" 

    Yes, we do Livestream worship services each week to reach those who are unable to be present in worship and extend our reach through digital platforms on the internet.  Our 8 am service is live-streamed each Sunday morning and then available as a video via our website, YouTube Channel, and Facebook. 

    The sermon is usually posted on our Facebook page by 6 pm that same day. If you find a sermon particularly helpful or impactful, consider checking in and sharing the video with a friend or family member.

    But "Choose Live" When Possible

    Being in worship IN PERSON at St. John's on Sundays is the most helpful and beneficial, not only to you but to your sisters and brothers in Christ who are in worship each weekend. Your voice and your presence help to build the body of Christ. 

    TRAVELLING? Find a sister congregation via or do a quick internet search when you know your destination. Make note: some congregations have a different schedule in the summer months. With a family member or friend? Join them in worship at their church on Sunday! Bring back a "report" of a new idea or song.  Or, if the experience was something "less" than salutary, bring that report as well. Pastor Albers and our leaders can always learn from your experience!

    AT WORK? There are those who must be in the field or work that "shift." As you are able to adjust your schedule to be in worship on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. But when that is NOT possible, check out these links: Livestream Web LinkYouTubeSt. John's Facebook Page


    Project Welcome Update

    Progress on the next set of projects is underway. Orders have been placed for new church chairs and floor tile, while plans for the installation for floor tile are waiting on the actual deliver of the new tile.
    Project Welcome Update

    Bible Studies

    Regular Study Opportunities at St. John's

    There are currently three regularly-scheduled bible study opportunities at St. John’s:

    Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

    A group of a dozen or so adults joins in a study on Sunday mornings following worship at 10:45 am through Sunday, June 25. Pastor Albers is leading the group through a survey of the Acts of the Apostles. The group will take a "summer break" through the end of August, beginning again on Sunday, September 3.

    Women of the Word

    Women of the Word will be taking a break for the months of June and July. Check the website for additional information on a study beginning in August.

    Men’s Bible Study

    “The Infant Church: Acts 3 & 4” will be the topic for the Men’s Bible Study at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 10, in the church basement. Men: bring your coffee and join us. We’ll get a head start for our weekend.  If you have thoughts, email Roland at or call 573-768-1401. The study concludes by 9:30 am.  The group will take a summer break for the months of July & August.
    Regular Study Opportunities at St. John's

    Summer Study

    Summer Study

    NEW!-Summer Bible Study

    Pontoon Bible Study (P.B.S.):  Four sessions beginning Wednesdays, June 14, from 4:30-6:00 p.m. at Pine Lake Marina.  Participation will be limited to 7 people due to boat capacity.  Please indicate your intent to attend by calling Barbara Lovstad at (314) 610-6504 today!
    Mark Jerndt

    Growing in Christ:

    Devotions to Strengthen Your Life with God

    By Mark Jerndt

    The Lord is My Shepherd

    The Lord is My Shepherd
    Suddenly, like David, we can state proudly, The Lord is my Shepherd.  He was and is the Good Shepherd, and the concerned Shepherd, who cares enough to seek out, save, and restore both men and women.

    Eagle Updates

    Changes to SJLS Faculty and Staff

    Two additions and one significant change to our faculty and staff will bring additional services to our students in the areas of reading and student success (i.e. counseling, attendance, social-emotional learning).
    Changes to SJLS Faculty and Staff

    Don’t miss this latest news from St. John’s School

    Don’t miss this latest news from St. John’s School
    The faculty and staff of St. John's Lutheran School are busy preparing for another great year. Be sure to read how you can get more involved with our school ministry: as a part of NEST or as a volunteer in a classroom.

    Eagle Care Manager

    SJLS is seeking a manger for our Eagle Care ministry for the 2023/24 school year. Read more about it or share the job posting with a friend.
    Eagle Care Manager

    Our School's Calendar

    Some events may be linked to additional information available
    by clicking on the event.

    Important Summer Dates

    June 13 – NEST Summer Planning Meeting
    • at 5:00 pm
    June 13 – School Board Meeting
    July 25 – Back to the Nest Information Day
    • 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    • School supply "store" with donations from St. John's Church Members
    • Meet with your teachers!
    August 14 – Welcome Back Teachers!
    August 17 – Welcome Back Students!

    Looking ahead

    August 18 – Advanced Ticket Sales Begin Port-a-Pit Chicken Fundraiser
    August 27 – St. John's Family Reunion
    • Outdoor Worship at 10:00 am with Teacher Installation and Re-Dedication
    • A Blood Drive begins at 11 am and a Family Meal at 11:30 am (approximately)
    • Classroom Open House
    September 4 – No School-Happy Labor Day!
    September 9 – Port-a-Pit Chicken Fundraiser for Washington DC Trip
    September 11 – Picture Day
    September 11-15 – Scholastic Book Fair

    Student Stories

    Field Day and Last Day

    Field Day and Last Day

    Track and Field Day

    On Monday, May 15, St. John’s Eagles loaded onto a bus and traveled to Bremen for Track and Field Day at Jane’s Park.  A big THANK YOU to all of the parents and grandparents that helped drive students and assist with moving students through all of the field day events. The students participated in a variety of field events such as the shuttle run, soccer kick, Kangaroo shut, football throw, and more.  All of our students and a few staff and parent volunteers participated in the 1-mile fun run/walk and the older students participated in a 2K run/walk.  It was a warm sunny day filled with fellowship with other Lutheran schools as well as other Christian schools.   We are very thankful to the LaPorte Assembly Church for providing bus transportation. 

    Last Student Day, Wednesday, May 31st

    Our last student day was on May 31st.  We had our final Chapel time for the school year.  Student awards programs began after Chapel in the school gymnasium.  The kindergarten through second-grade awards program started at 9:00 a.m.  Third grade - through eighth-grade awards started at approximately 10:00 a.m.  Our NEST (Nurturing Eagle Support Team) was here to provide a picnic-style lunch for our students.  At 12:30 the NEST group led students in Field Day fun activities.  We had a fun-filled day of making memories together! 

    N.E.S.T. Update

    NEST News

    N.E.S.T. Plans and Possibilities...

    Our N.E.S.T. group will continue to meet and make plans in June to ensure a successful and fun school year!  First on the agenda, will be our annual mum sale. Regular N.E.S.T. events include Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, Fun Fair, and other fundraising and appreciation opportunities.  All church members are welcome to attend and actively participate in our events and/or in our N.E.S.T. group as a whole.  We love having folks who are passionate about St. John's and our positive impact on the lives of our students and families!  Our next meeting is on Tuesday, June 13 at 5:00 pm in the Ladies Lounge.
    NEST News
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